Game "LIKE or NOT"

Seeking love can be an exhausting task. Browsing through thousands of options manually is a chore that many find quite challenging. We offer you a way to significantly increase the number of potential dates while dramatically simplifying the process. We have thousands of registered users who regularly use this feature.


LIKE or NOT is a speed dating game where people quickly meet each other by liking other users who they find interesting or attractive. When two people like each other, they are automatically matched. Find potential partners quickly, discuss your common interests using our private chat, and start your romantic adventure effortlessly!


While judging a book by its cover is never a good idea, we strongly recommend all our users to fill out our questionnaire, add more information to their bio, and upload high-quality photos they like. Use the full potential of our website by checking out thousands of users within an hour!

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Are you sure you want to remove your like? If there was a match it will be unmatched.
You have mutual affection